A micro-housing and student housing development company

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Kōz's existing projects are currently under development. 

Kōz understands the need to offer affordable rents. We strive to keep our base rent rate at approximately 60 - 70% of a comparable (quality and location) studio apartment, with our premier loft rooms at a modestly higher rent.  Kōz also appreciates the simple lifestyle that our residents seek and accordingly our rents are all-inclusive with no additional charges for utilities or Internet.   One monthly payment collected electronically. 

Kōz micro-housing and student housing projects are comprised of small apartments that offer a private bathroom, kitchen area including a sink and food preparation area, microwave and/or 2-burner stove top, storage, and a mid-sized refrigerator, combined with a living space that includes a bed, desk, chair, table and storage area. The private apartments share common areas for entertaining with friends or neighbors, a laundry space, communal storage space for bikes, and shared outdoor space on roof decks and/or ground-floor patios.

Kōz is committed to creating an environment where the residents connect with each other and with the kōz team. Given the high technology-low touch environment encouraged, this commitment will require additional efforts. To accomplish this sense of family within each building, the property management team will initiate monthly socials. These social events will be sponsored by kōz and held at one of the local businesses or at the kōz building. Weather permitting, the social will be held in the rooftop common area.

Kōz's property management team is committed to utilizing technology throughout the lease-up process enhancing the resident experience.  In addition, technology will be utilized to connect our residents to our neighborhood businesses and vice versa. 

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