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Our Company​

Kōz Development was formed in 2014 and founded on the belief that newly constructed apartments were no longer affordable for employees or students working/studying in high-rent, urban environments.  This rental environment was forcing these individuals to choose either older apartments in less desirable locations or an arduous commute to work or school.  It is these individuals that Koz communities are built to support by providing newer, high quality, more cost effective housing close to amenities thus allowing these individuals to work and play near where they live.  

While small by US standards, micro-apartments are not unusual in urban centers throughout the world where density has historically exceeded that of American cities.   In urban areas across the United States, micro-housing is becoming an answer for individuals seeking affordability and access to neighborhoods where they could not otherwise obtain or afford housing.  Our housing is also part of a growing trend of minimalism that is supported by a desire to simplify one's life and make oneself cozy (Kōz) - to live substantially and without focus on the ownership of things, but rather on the ability to create experiences.  

As a core value, Kōz is committed to its communities contributing time, money and experience.  

Our Mission

Kōz understands the need to offer affordable rents and is committed to making a social impact in the neighborhoods where our communities are located. We strive to keep our base rent rate at approximately 65% - 75% of a comparable (quality and location) apartment and are committed to an onsite team that cares about the residents and the neighborhood, as a whole.  Kōz also appreciates the simple lifestyle that our residents seek and accordingly our rents are all-inclusive with no additional charges for utilities or Internet - one monthly payment collected electronically.  


Kōz micro-housing and student housing projects are comprised of smaller apartments that offer a private bathroom, all inclusive kitchen area including a sink and food preparation area, microwave, 2 burner stove top, and a mid-sized refrigerator, combined with a living space that includes a full/queen sized bed, chairs, table and adequate storage area. The private, fully appointed apartments share common areas for entertaining with friends or neighbors, a laundry space, communal storage space for bikes, and shared outdoor space on roof decks and/or ground-floor patios.

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Our Service​

Kōz supports our communities where we do business and Nonprofit Organizations that share our passion for affordable housing.

Snohomish Education Foundation

Snohomish Senior Center

American Red Cross

William Factory Small Business Incubator

Museum of Glass

Snohomish School District ECEAP - Family Holiday Program

Housing Hope

Tacoma-Pierce County Affordable Housing Consortium

Snohomish Lions Club

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